Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where do I start?

First of all, if you are not interested in what a drunken blowhard has to say, STOP READING!

The past few weeks have been a gift. Family, friends, seasons, muskie; the list goes on, and on.

I have lost a few pounds, killed a few brain cells (good riddance), taken a few drives, jogs, bike and boat rides, split a blunt with a bow and arrow, woke to the sound of blood-curdling screams and enjoyed some of the finest moments of my marriage.

I am also the proudest father, upon whom god has blessed the greatest daughter.

Adam, the absence of you is palpable. Thank you for coming to stay at our home and giving my wife and daughter an alternative to the predominant "male" vibe that is the usual fare.

Kenny and Sally, only the sweetest and most sincere wishes for your successful future together.
Thank you for including me in your beautiful ceremony. I hope I executed my responsibilities in a way that reflected your intentions. I love you both and am so thankful for your friendship.

Mary Preston, you may never read these words. I hope that they find their way to you. Thank you for the benefit that you threw for my good friend, Michael Villar. I suggested him as a doorman one random night, many years ago. I knew he would be good, because he is the ultimate diffuser of any situation, and has the ability to make friends with any person, regardless. I have a great amount of respect for you and the business you run in Hollywood. Thank you for going to bat for me and Michelle when our futures were very unsure. Thanks for looking out for Mike and everyone else for all these years.

I hope that everyone else is living the life they feel is right. I look forward to the time when we can be together and share our lives with one another.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

To all you moms out there, none of us could've made it without you. Enjoy this day with your kids if you can. I am lucky to get to wake up with my wife, a wonderful mother, and our beautiful daughter. This afternoon, I will go to my mom's house and help her with some landscaping and wine depletion. I love watching her play with Jordan. My mom was my favorite person for a long time and Jordan loves her so much. You are AWESOME mom.

Last year on Mothers Day I earned the "worst fater/husband award" by spending the weekend with my good buddy Keir, in Boston, while he was shooting "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" (way to make a fortune, by the way). I got a full-body massage and spent the evening in Cohasset with Keir's manager 's mom. A lovely woman, no doubt, but I had a lot of making up to do this year. Flowers, breakfast in bed, and some thoughtful gifts should be a good start.

A big thanks to Emily and Tanner for coming over last night for dinner, wine, cigars and stimulating conversation. Michelle and I greatly enjoyed your company. I am proud of my little sister for making such good friends and being willing to share them with her weird older brother. Special thanks to Tanner for all your hard work on the Tink site.

Lots of love to my friend, Becky. Bex, you are the sweetest, most wonderful girl. Thanks for being my friend and for being an important member of our ever-expanding family. You've always got us here and anything you ever need, just ask.

Have a good weekend everyone. Get out and enjoy the world. Springtime is a bounty of blessings. Hunt mushrooms, watch bees at work, grab a beer and grill a brat or some other food object. Enjoy the company of others and step away from the internet for a minute. On that note...

Friday, May 8, 2009

So much to say

First I'll start by thanking Josh and Abby for a wonderful evening last night. It is always a pleasure to hang with you, your friends, your kid and your dogs. Not to mention the 'dillas. It was great to watch Jordan and Elliette playing so well together. The future friendship should be a marvel to behold.

Which brings us to,secondly, "Huuuuuge Congratulations!" to Seniz and Nels on their beautiful baby girl, Banu. I cannot wait for the Longfellow girls to start tearing it up together. Michelle, Jordan and I can't wait to meet her and smother her with hugs and kisses. Well done you guys and way to sneak in that screening of Star Trek. It will be the last theatrical release you see together for quite some time.

Thirdly, I am so excited for Kenny and Sally's impending nuptials. Not only are two of the greatest people I know making the greatest commitment to one another, but it is bringing two of the greatest people I know back to Minneapolis. Blair and Adam, we have a fatted calf all ready for the slaughtering, so bring your prodigal butts home for a minute.

Lastly, as many of you know, my very good friend, Michael Villar is into his sixth month of fighting cancer. He is so strong, and has been a great inspiratiopn to me throughout the years, but particularly this past six months. He has undergone a series of chemo treatments which, along with the cancer, have left him very tired and physically weakened. As a result he has been unable to work and has mounting financial difficulties before him. I urge you to visit
It is a website developed by Villar so he can share his experience dealing with his disease and treatment regimen. If it is within your means to do so, please send any amount you can afford to:

Michael Villar
1963 S. Bedford Street Apt. #8
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Final finally, this week marks the start of another congressional run against the malevolent Michele Bachmann, by none other than my stepfather, El Tinklenberg. Check out www.tinklenberg2010
and read his declaration of intention. I'm building the site currently so this is just a placeholder page until the campaign gets moving. Call him crazy, call him a glutton for punishment, but the man is committed to public service and ridding our congress of divisive lunatics like Michele.

There are so many people I want to reach out to and, though you may not be mentioned here, I am thinking of you as well.

Peace, love and wellness to all of you.